i think this is my…fifth blog?


it’s weird starting up another one. the first, as i recall, started when i was going back to college for my sophomore year. i thought that i could post stories every day and get followers and advertisers and thus money. and thus become a famous writer and rule the world. i think i wrote about three posts and then gave up.

i started another blog a year later, and hopefully managed to strike most of it from the internet. i’m sure some of it is hanging around in some dark, cob-webby corner of cyberspace, but i wouldn’t be interested in re-reading it. i was depressed, and it showed.

then i made another one the next year, and posted six or seven times, and then quit. that one is probably still out there, active on tumblr. 

so, assuming i made at least one other blog and forgot about it since, i will call this lucky number five.


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