napoleon_dynamite is great


if two or three of the right critics had not made a big deal about napoleon dynamite when it showed at sundance, then it would not have caught on and made a lot of money, and then i would watch it with a radically different viewpoint. even as it is, i love the wesandersontimburton-type framed shots and claustrophobic qualities of stylization; i adore the characters and their attempts at being grown up or becoming a child again; the graphic design for the cover and soundtrack, and the extremely keen sense of americana, etc. soooo soo many people have told me that they don’t like the movie because “it has no point,” or “a stupid story.” if you stop thinking of it as a comedy and allow yourself to imagine that it is art then you see wildly original characters playing on major social tropes in a lavish, impasto mural of middle class midwest culture. Napoleon Dynamite has more in common with shirley jackson and steinbeck than it does with carrot top or comedy central.


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