desire from a pervert, and drawing from a dad


desire from a pervert, and drawing from a dad

i am re-watching the perverts guide to ideology. here is a quote:

A desire is never simply the desire for a certain thing. It’s always also a desire for desire itself; a desire to continue to desire. Perhaps the ultimate quarrel of a desire is to be fully filled in, met so that I desire no longer. The ultimate melancholic experience is the experience of the loss of desire itself.

i thought about that, for a bit. then i found this drawing by john (don?) kenn. you can click on it for a link to his blog with more pictures. i desire to draw like him. we have similar styles, as it is, so if i tried i could continue to draw pictures that resembled his to a greater and greater extent. those pictures, inspired by my desire, would incrementally decrease in their value as individualistic art as i approached perfect duplication. perfect duplication, with none of the value of being the original creator of the image, would result in a sort of value as a xerox machine, or a craftsmen, that has no relationship to what i valued, and desired, in the original drawings.