back again


it has been a long time since i’ve made a blog post. it is strange, how some things come easily and other similar things refuse to become habit. posting articles and images i like to twitter is easy, because i enjoy the idea of instantly sharing things i like and because those lists of tweets seem to add up to some style or taste that bolster my identity.

posting and writing a bit of commentary for a blog post is hard…that same identity is too vulnerable in a blog, where a grammar error or rude comment would hit too close to home. so it is easier not to make a post.

writing journal entries every day is easy. i honestly can hardly keep from doing that. picking out parts to put in a blog? much more difficult.

oh, well. the things we do in the name of social networking. maybe someday we will all make our own art and sell it on a vast affordable accessible market or simply keep it decorate our homes and read by the campfires.