ripping off actual websites


smashwords is a really cool way to get ebooks out to people, with lots of good formatting advice and a good track record. i don’t know much about bookbaby, but this is what they pay google to write, and it’s almost so infringy that you stop to wonder if it’s meta…but my money is on desperate for clicks.

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just jump right in anytime


if you are a public speaker who says “…and anyone who wants to jump in here anytime, feel free…” then you are probably talking too quickly and no one is ever going to want to jump in.


sycra, who is canadian.


this guy is fun to listen to, and i even like the look of his art on his website. so even if it turns out all his advice is wrong, he still has that 2/3.

the next step to being a professional


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i finally bought a domain name, got hosting, and am working on organizing my art portfolio and blogs and all this crazy social media. when i see that the site looks pretty okay it makes it worth it.

The Value of Storytelling on Facebook for Marketers


this has some really great information for people, like me, that want to make ads that don’t make us hate ourselves for being manipulative

Facebook IQ

Everyone loves a good story. That’s especially true when it comes to advertising. According to a new study, campaigns that tell a brand story before asking people to buy something are significantly more effective than ones that focus immediately on encouraging people to take an action.

For the research, social media advertising technology firm Adaptly, in partnership with Facebook, compared the rate of subscriptions to Refinery29, an independent fashion and lifestyle website, generated by two campaigns on Facebook that ran in the US in May 2014.

One “sustained call-to-action” campaign over 12 days featured ads that employed creative and images focused strictly on generating subscriptions. The other campaign over the same period featured different “sequenced” ads that first told the brand story, next provided product information before inviting people to sign up. Ads for both campaigns were served in News Feed to lookalike audiences, increasing the…

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