hippocampus, language, and the brain by the man who fell in buffalo



the hippocampus is the language center of the brain. in the brain the hippocampus is the center of all of the language operations of the brain; namely, the operations of what we call the “hippocampus.” hippocampus, or “the language” portion of the brain, is a term that we learned from the ancient greeks.

chapter two: the ancient greeks.

modern culture has borrowed a lot from the ancient greeks; remember, they couldn’t just go out and use an atm to get cash! (haha!) one such borrowed term is “hippocampus,” which in modern society is recognized to be the center of language operations in the human brain.




art history, and western civilization, and ouroboros


i think the art history program i’m watching right now is helping me understand the Platonism vs. Christian western thinking dilemma; Greece was all about Plato was all about idealism was all about perfection, nature, liberality, and then Rome, though more conservative, spread those ideas all around and up into what would become Europe and western civilization, mostly by the brave efforts of the main character from the gladiator movie. then Rome became a holy-roman-empire built on christianity and the half-caf result was a western culture that is eternally split, loving nature but hating carnal lusts, adoring nudes while still fearing the naked body, wishing to either 1. be aloof and above the flesh by being only a mind (plato) or 2. be aloof and holier than the flesh by being only a spirit (judeo-christian). and i think i’m fed up with both and want to pick 3.


a pre-review of something i’ve never heard; Modest Mouse is releasing a new album


the a/v club and spin both released stories this week about a new Modest Mouse album looming over the horizon. i am super pumped.

there isn’t a lot of information out there yet about exactly what we can expect. we know that in two days, December 15th, a new single called Lampshades on Fire is probably going to be released, and we know what it will sound like based on a live recording that’s also available on spin’s post. also, we have heard a bit about the guest stars…for instance Krist Novoselic is playing bass on one of the songs. and we know that Eric Judy, the original Modest Mouse bassist, retired from the band.

it is hard to believe that No One is First and You’re Next, the last EP, was from all the way back in 2009. i was in college, back then, and i hadn’t ever even visited where i live now, and i think the White Stripes might have even still technically existed. and all those things are basically equal measurements of change.

i don’t have many expectations for what this album will sound like. honestly, at this point i trust Modest Mouse; i first heard them on Austin City Limits doing amazing songs, mostly off of Good News, and i loved them right away and have never stopped since. but all the same, their sound changes; poppy and hi-fi, indie and harsh, and even harsher and lower, to my ear, the farther back you get.

even if you gave me the chords and lyrics to one of the new songs, stolen straight from the Modest Mansion, i doubt i could come anywhere close to figuring out how the band would actually go about playing it. any song could be composed of ragged guitar and bass and drums, or two banjos a piccalilli three harpsichords and sampled audio of Bob Barker smiling.

whatever, i can’t wait to experience it. in the meantime, i’m cleansing my palate of all Modest Mouse by listening exclusively to light jazz and WOW ’95, and making up imaginary titles for the next album:

you’ve come down with terminal health, and you have two weeks to live

a white cat and black pigeon play the blues

stealthy, silent, fuzz pedal

anyone have a better idea?

p.s. here is the instagram post slash press release:

Screen shot 2014-12-13 at 8.39.34 AM


a picture of me, and thoughts about procrastination



theory of procrastination (still in progress);

“never put off anything important for much longer, always put off something unimportant indefinitely. itches to be scratched do not count as anything important, unless you have put them off for so long that they are. sex, drugs, and media may or may not be itches. priorities determine what is important and not procrastinated or what is unimportant and put off indefinitely. jobs, marriages, and aspirations may or may not be priorities. if you let anyone else set your priorities you will not be satisfied with the results and will spend too much time scratching itches until/unless you manage to recognize and face your own priorities and scratch those instead.”

– the man who fell in buffalo, about five minutes ago

find your opinions, and give them to me; album art



i put this together with a pen and acrylic drawing scanned into gimp, and throughly mish-mashed it. i’m thinking of using this image for the cover art for my next album. my music project is called the man who fell in buffalo (click photo to go to my page and take a listen for free, if you need a musical reference to go with the picture). any thoughts? like it or hate it? can’t tell what it is? what does it make you think of?