art history, and western civilization, and ouroboros


i think the art history program i’m watching right now is helping me understand the Platonism vs. Christian western thinking dilemma; Greece was all about Plato was all about idealism was all about perfection, nature, liberality, and then Rome, though more conservative, spread those ideas all around and up into what would become Europe and western civilization, mostly by the brave efforts of the main character from the gladiator movie. then Rome became a holy-roman-empire built on christianity and the half-caf result was a western culture that is eternally split, loving nature but hating carnal lusts, adoring nudes while still fearing the naked body, wishing to either 1. be aloof and above the flesh by being only a mind (plato) or 2. be aloof and holier than the flesh by being only a spirit (judeo-christian). and i think i’m fed up with both and want to pick 3.



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