alan watts, acceptance of death, many other things


i always name posts in 3s, but not on purpose. lying bitch in a whore-drobe.

this lecture, by the man with history’s most calming and trust inducing voice, is full of ideas that made me sit up with surprise at thinking them. we teach our children disgust to keep them from vomiting, to worry about pain and death like we do, to foster an overpowering ego that they can never quiet locate. i don’t feel like being a windbag about the ideas he presents, because i’d honestly rather listen to it again.


diary vs blog


book cover take three

my idea of a journal is a rtf file of sixty to eighty thousand words, named with the general six month period i wrote it in, and the title RANT. when i write it i often notice the particular trick of self-awareness where i realize that even though i assume no one will ever read it, i still also deep down hope they will, or at the very least i write as if they are.

so when i journal i want someone to read it but expect that they won’t, and when i blog i want people to read it and expect that a few will. yet i journal ferociously and hardly ever blog.

i have no conclusions about that.

here is a link to the Skycast Indies Radio’s soundcloud page, where andrew interviews me about the man who fell in buffalo.  i have never been interviewed before, or at least never in an instance where i cared about not sounding like a crazy person. fortunately there was a cat in the room, lazily watching us talk into a microphone. watching that cat was very therapeutic.