diary vs blog


book cover take three

my idea of a journal is a rtf file of sixty to eighty thousand words, named with the general six month period i wrote it in, and the title RANT. when i write it i often notice the particular trick of self-awareness where i realize that even though i assume no one will ever read it, i still also deep down hope they will, or at the very least i write as if they are.

so when i journal i want someone to read it but expect that they won’t, and when i blog i want people to read it and expect that a few will. yet i journal ferociously and hardly ever blog.

i have no conclusions about that.

here is a link to the Skycast Indies Radio’s soundcloud page, where andrew interviews me about the man who fell in buffalo.  i have never been interviewed before, or at least never in an instance where i cared about not sounding like a crazy person. fortunately there was a cat in the room, lazily watching us talk into a microphone. watching that cat was very therapeutic.




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