alan watts doesn’t make me squirm like weirdo-new agists


Image result for alan wattsi really love alan watts; i was super lucky to get introduced to eastern philosophy and meditation by his posthumous pop culture resurgence. i can’t say i’m an expert on him, but what i’ve encountered in his books and recordings is inviting and insightful and, most of all, extremely reasonable and grounded. i get frustrated by transcendental meditation teachers who charge $1000 for a magic (see also: not actually magical) mantra, or hippy philosophers can’t stop babbling about pot and LSD. then i go back to alan watts, and listen to his very respectable sounding english accent, and enjoy the lack of silly promises or intentionally obfuscated po-mo jargon. just a very thoughtful, non-holy human who translates meaningful philosophy into 60s slang.

if you want somewhere to start with alan watts, try this or this


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